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Mental health and physical health. Sometimes you might improve the first by weakening the second. Lately I am working in my studio melting and firing metals. I am wearing a mask, but I can still breathe a lot of fumes. I have googled and welders apparently drink milk before melting things, but I haven’t tried that yet (sounds magical though). There are some little fires from time to time that I eventually control. The other day I thought I broke some ribs left and right from the handles of a bolt cutter I was pressing very hard to cut a strong piece of metal. Anyway, the headaches, the cuts on the fingers and all these clear difficulties in my opinion definitely add something to the working satisfaction -if I’m not completely upset about the work outcome (then it is a different thing). I guess I need this to feel a bit more alive and useful and also maybe it kind of fights in a way other psychological feelings of general weakness and uselessness and deeper issues etc. I’m not doing sports or any everyday walking, so maybe that is my only physical response, right now. But also having some exercise like that helps the body too, not all parts but some.
Otherwise of course there are all kinds of drugs and things that do something to something, but all that is usually very short in terms of time, and then a new problem appears and then you have to deal with that problem. I might have to deal with the outcome of resin and metal fumes breathing in the future, but right now only my ribs are hurting a bit.
I think I tend to forget most of the time that the body has a brain of its own, lot more effective and practical than the actual brain that I am supposed to control. It usually knows what it wants and can hibernate a bit in a subtle way if disrespected or neglected. Very often it says exactly what it needs to eat/digest and that’s very nice. What is this? Very often it will listen to me, working like a perfect clock, waking up one minute before some alarm I have carefully set. Very often 2 persons will hum the same song they overheard 20 minutes before, at the same exact second. My body is never wrong when asking at a specific time for tomato juice, for tomatoes and mainly cucumbers when drinking water is not an option, or for mashed potatoes in some other case, or for lentils in general exhaustion. It reacts to nicotine by excessive sweat, even in very cold weather. This is annoying but I guess it is a necessity (I discovered that this was the reason recently after having stopped smoking- before I thought it was because of caffeine).  Anyway, cooking is nice too, although I think to do that you must already be in a good mood. Doing some instant shopping on eBay, collectibles, weird, very specific objects, useless things for many, is something else I like doing, but this is also a rather instant fix. I also play some very fast chess games time to time, another small fix to feel a bit better or have the illusion (?) of some mental exercise (although I hate that 'food for thought’ expression). These are very short games so the outcome/result might hurt less than a loss in a long, lengthy game.
Saying silly things to my cat is something that makes me feel kind of nice sometimes, when I actually catch myself listening to what I’m saying at the same time. Feeding in general animals in need, rescuing insects from drowning etc are also things that make me feel better.  

I am not a disciplined person at all, and all these things that make me feel good usually happen without some conscious gratifying motive, so I find it impossible to give any type of advice, having myself so many mental difficulties. But to each his own. I might feel happy after giving to a homeless person 2 cigarettes instead of the one he asked for, but my friend will always give money in a natural way to everyone that asks for some. And I have slowly learned to do this easier. It is good to be surrounded by people with kind hearts
Hello, seems i cant force the fires to happen although a lot of melting brass went on the floor, but thought of an artistic/sculpture tip to make the work easier

I have done it to some works in the past and also just before to the last work : to move your objects easier you can incorporate these useful pot/jar bases with wheels, they cost around 10 euros and if you re a bit lazy to make some structure where you would add the wheels separately one by one then you can hide this object inside your sculpture and then it will be able move a bit.
This is a sculpture work upside down where this wheels structure has been hidden
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