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Between The Two Eyes Is The Heart
A recipe from Nissa Nishikawa


The Sun, a butsudan, a circle, a forest, breath of bee and fire, wood ash, tobacco ash, ashes of the dead, flesh of clay, turquoise, bison teeth, deer skin, Green Tara, insects, Nyima and Fragrant Sacrifice, Hikuri, Cloud Hands, red thread, yellow ochre, hot pink, volcanos, the cat’s eye, stones in a bath, Ylang Ylang, joint rotations, gold, fascia, katana, Wind Dance, Grass Dance, sweat in lodges, walking, glass melting, reduction firing, records, the timeless sky, the timing earth, charcoal, daikon, miso, arame, Jun Kombucha, Sumi brush, Sumi ink, Ma, mudras, seeding, planting, harvesting, Uni, umi, obsidian, The Seven Arrows, the seven stars of She-Bear, tongues, books, planks, barns, pine resin, tornados, herbs from the Hyolmo, past-lives, Za-Zen, prairie sage, The 17th Karmapa, The People, the tribes, elacampane, ZANGMO, kênê, serpents, singing, sex, animals, spirits, The Great Spirit, a bell, water and the Moon.

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