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I feel bad, how can I feel better?

Drink water, meditate, do sports, make lists, positive visualisation, go to therapy. These might help me. But I sit here today, and can say confidently, that the greatest change in my self, spirit, life has come from working in recovery groups.

They cover topics ranging from, drugs, sex, love, debt, food, gambling, relationships.

I had to humble myself, to ask for help, to admit that my way was not working, and that the costs might be death or a life of misery. I sat down, I listened, I identified, I followed the advice of others, and I began to trudge a long and difficult road, that will never end, but has shown me hope, and the potential for a happier, easier life.

If your life feels unmanageable,
if you suffer from a feeling of being restless, irritable, and discontent, then perhaps you have a spiritual disease for which there is no cure, only a reprieve, contingent on a connection to a power greater than yourself.

If you are tired of living in fear, of the future, and regret of the past, perhaps you are willing to take certain steps.

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