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i don't have solutions to anything.
all i know is i came back from the dead, with only a desire to connect to the inner self.
the part that was there before we learned anything.
it can do no helps maintaining the transmission.
i was brought up catholic. the source of western evil.
i feel there is a deep benefit of learning and unlearning all that stuff...
climbing out of the barrel of fear
fear and love is all there is.
heaven isn't a physical place, neither is hell.
they are all within us, sometimes we travel between them within a single hour.
it would take up too much space, but in rant form, all i can offer are things that have helped me

lose all attachments. however you understand this. it doesn't mean being selfish. a lot of pain comes from attachments. attachment to beliefs, feelings, people.
(self care doesn't mean selfish. there's a difference.)
follow the four agreements
PMA (not the wishy washy kind)

serve something bigger than yrself

you are not 'you'

'you' are an intangible higher power. before ego or even the idea of the 'self'. all love and power comes from 'you' at this deep level.

what you do isn't who you are

be this moment, not a second ahead or a second back. never look back

there's more cos the work never ends, but this was the jump off for me

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